"Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place." - Rumi



soulistic wellness offers services that are intended to realign us with our natural state of ecstasy. 

ecstasy is not a drug, it is not something that is outside of us - it is in our soul. 

it is our natural state reflected through wellness.


We are more than the body that meets the phyiscal eyes. 

We are more than we can see through our physical eyes or experience through our brains. 

We are body, spirit and soul. 

soul + wholistic

= soulistic

soulistic wellness offers a unique wholistic approach to healing.   

soulistic wellness provides advice on treating the physical body through diet, herbs and supplements as well as  coaching and healing for the soul to live its most fullest life and the spirit to thrive.

Dis-ease is often a signal of an imbalance in the physical body, and our bodies are a reflection of our soul's ability to express itself and our spirit's health.  In this way, it is impossible to only think of the physical body when treating dis-ease. 

soulistic wellness specializes in the feminine experience, and works with women physically aged from teenagehood through wise maturity to bring balance to the physical, spiritual and solar bodies through various mediums.


the soulistic way works with your whole existence - body, mind and soul.