Presence + Being:
A Women's Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Join me, Shirley Siri Pritam Johnson for a healing + yoga retreat on the magical island of Puerto Rico Friday June 23, 2017 - Tuesday June 27, 2017.

“We cant look to the world to restore our worth; we’re here to restore our worth to the world.  The world outside us can reflect our glory, but it cannot create it.  It cannot crown us.  Only God can crown us, and he already has. " - Marianne Williamson 

The time has come to restore ourselves and honor the divine women that we are.  So many women are over-worked, exhausted, and constantly taking care of others.  

Are you overworked?

Are you stressed?

Are you constantly thinking of others?

This retreat is for you!  This retreat will focus on ways to enjoy our being and presence and concentrate on the art of relaxation and the art of allowing.  Through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, accompanied by delicious food, free time by the ocean and spontaneous dance parties, come and be your divine self!


Early Yogini Special - Sign up by February 28, 2017 with a $500 deposit
$1200 for single occupancy in a beautiful single room fit for a Queen
$900 per person for a double room when you and a friend/lover/sister sign up together.

Full Price After February 28, 2017 with a $500 deposit
$1400 per person for single occupancy in a beautiful room fit for a Queen
$1200 per person for a double room when you and a friend/lover sister sign up together.

Reserve your space by emailing




Sample Daily Schedule

6am - 7am : Sunrise Morning Meditation
8am - 9:30am: Nourishing Morning Yoga Practice
10am - 11:30am: Delicious Organic Vegan Brunch
11:30am - 3:30pm : Yogi's Choice:  Get a Tarot Reading, Sunbathe at the Beach or Indulge in a Nap!  Take time for your self care!
4pm - 5:30 pm: Evening Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
6pm - 7:30pm: Divine Organic Dinner
7:30pm - 9pm: Community Healing Ritual

Retreat includes: 
* Daily Kundalini Yoga + Meditations
* 2 Sumptous Vegan Meals Daily
* Excursion into the Tropical Rainforest
* Self care time
* Divine Accommodations steps away from The Atlantic Ocean
* Tarot + Divination Workshop

**** Airfare/Travel Transportation and Tips NOT Included ****
Fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Uber and Taxis Available