full moon magic tea

today, sunday aug 10, 2014, the moon shines in it's fullest capacity in the sign of .  the full moon is a time of full expression as well as a time to check in with our new moon wishes and intentions that we set when the sun and moon were both in leo.  

aquarius represents the duality of being both yourself and being in a group; honoring your uniqueness and voice while also working in solidarity as an ally to fellow community members.  sometimes groups can make some folks quiet their voice.  the point of groups is not to conform, but to be your fullest, divine, unique, expression in the company of others.

full moon magic tea:

  • 8-10 oz water
  • 1 tablespoon dried sage
  • 1-2 drops of doterra lavender essential oil
  • raw honey to taste

boil 8-10 oz of water as though you were making tea.  pour the water over the dried sage.  i like to use a metal tea infuser to put the sage into in order to keep the mug clean.  allow the tea to sit for about 10 minutes.  remove infuser and add lavender an honey.  also tastes great as an iced version.  sip slowly and enjoy the fullness of the moon and your body syncing to the moon.