Women's Ritual Retreat: The Gift of Emotion: Emotional Self Care Workshop

Women's Ritual Retreat ~ Shanti Naam Yoga
The Gift of Emotion: Emotional Self Care Workshop
Saturday, March 18

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"Every emotion we feel is a gift from our Soul. Our emotions connect us to our inuitive wisdom. Our intuitive wisdom connects us to our Spirit and to the Great Infinite and this helps us think outside of stories and patterns we may be accustomed to. Learning to identify and trust our emotions, we gain more access to our intuitive wisdom.

When we ignore, deny, numb or suppress emotion, we create blocked energy and dis-ease in our mindbody. We don't mean to do this, but it happens subconsciously for many reasons. You're invited on this day to learn tools for emotional well-being and experience the benefits of emotionally healthy living. Learn how to feel all emotion in a healing way, so you can enjoy a satisfying relationship with yourself and others. "

Join for Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Intuitive Self-Inquiry.  
Led by Dev Avtar Kaur & Siri Pritam Kaur

Please bring a journal, yoga mat, and dress comfortably!